Microblading eyebrow pens

A microblading handle is a kind of brush that facilitates the master’s work. The manual permanent makeup technique requires special tools, the quality of which defines the final results.
A microblading blade handle is an important tool for manual eyebrow permanent makeup. In the professional field this device is also called a microblading eyebrow pen.

Microblading Eyebrow Pen Functions

A microblading eyebrow tattoo pen is one of the main devices in the tool kit. Microblading pens are used to dye the top layer of the skin that makes the eyebrows just perfect. This kind of technique provides a stable makeup effect and allows the client to forget about dyeing and correcting the eyebrows at least for a year.

The master inserts a required needle into a microblading eyebrow pen and carefully injects coloring pigments into epidermis. Such a pen helps the master fully control his or her movements, avoid vibration and unpleasant buzzing. The manual device allows making clear, voluminous lines of the required shape.

Since microblading pens are used to work with human skin and face, it should be firm, safe, and of high quality. Thus, each detail plays an important role here:

  • shape,
  • material,
  • length,
  • additional options.

Kinds of Microblading Pens

Today there are a lot of microblading handle kinds. Microblading pens can be made of various materials, with various shapes of a needle hole, can have various lengths, and holding variants. Some models can be equipped with an electronic panel, which makes device manipulating easier.


Metal microblading pens

These pens are made of high-quality aluminum. Due to it, the tools can be quickly disinfected, and the microblading procedure is safe for both the master and the client. This is a very important aspect, since the work is done on facial skin. It is extremely important to provide sterility and proper sanitary conditions on the workplace.

Simpler shape of the pen is cylindrical. These pens are heavier compared to plastic ones.

Plastic microblading pens

Plastic allows producing a pen of any shape. It will be ergonomic, convenient to hold, so the hand won’t get tired while doing the work during a long period of time. Plastic pens are lighter.
It is better not to use heat treatment for a plastic handle. This is why it needs to be additionally cleaned.
Plastic pen disinfection requires more thorough and high-quality treatment with special means, since plastic is porous and can accumulate more bacteria than metal.

Microblading Eyebrow Pen Shape

Metal pens usually have a cylindrical shape with the same diameter throughout the length or with widenings in finger zones.
Plastic handles are made in every possible ergonomic and convenient shape.

Such a shape allows holding the tool firmly and confidently. It lets make tidy, accurate lines and avoid mistakes while moving. The pens do not slip out of hands, they are convenient as for operation and care. Microblading pens should be disinfected after each use.

There are the following microblading handle kinds depending on the hole shape:

  • for thin and flat blades,
  • for round needles,
  • for thick needles,
  • multifunctional,
  • double-sided
    (they allow using two needles during the microblading procedure. They can have various shapes and pigments).

Double-sided and interchangeable handles are the most convenient, since they let the master use several needles with different thickness or several coloring pigments during the procedure.

Microblading Eyebrow Pen Length

The longer the pen is, the smaller details you can work with and make the thinnest lines. Short pens are lighter, so the hand does not get tired quickly.

It is important to pay attention to convenience and ergonomics while choosing the device. A microblading blade handle should easily ‘fit’ into the master’s hand and have small weight. You should feel maximum comfort during the procedure.

It is impossible to work with a needle separately, so you will have to buy microblading pens hat will serve as special attachments. Such a tool makes permanent makeup procedure easier, so eyebrow microblading turns to be brighter and more realistic.

Permanent Makeup Handles

The manual procedure of permanent makeup differs from the hardware one and has its characteristics. In this case the pigment in inserted not very deeply and disappears in some time. The make the work more accurate microblading pens and special needles are used. The microblading technique is very popular in the sphere of permanent makeup and allows drawing each hair piece in a more realistic way. This work cannot be done without special tools that must be convenient.

Making permanent makeup with a microblading handle is convenient, because of:

  • detailed drawing of each hair piece, which is hard to distinguish from natural ones,
  • no noise and vibration made by the tool during the procedure,
  • convenience during the procedure and easy permanent makeup performance,
  • compatibility with all the microblading needles.